Дебетовая Карта с Предоплатой Для Туристов в Иране

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Дебетовая Карта с Предоплатой Для Туристов в Иране

Умная альтернатива перевозке наличных при посещении Ирана

MahCard - это иранская дебетовая карта с предоплатой, предназначенная для туристов и временных посетителей. Вы можете мгновенно пополнить свою карту в выбранной Вами валюте и конвертировать ее в иранский риал (IRR).

Доставка напрямую
по местy Вашего проживания в Иране

Смотрите все свои транзакции в нашем новом мобильном приложении!

С помощью нашего нового мобильного приложения Вы можете отслеживать все транзакции 24/7 MahCard со своего мобильного телефона..

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Предназначен для Международных Путешественников

MahCard даёт вам возможность легко перевести ваши деньги с вашего заграничного банковского счета на вашу MahCard и вернуть ваши деньги при выезде из страны, если на вашей карте остался остаток*.

Быстрая Доставка по Месту Проживания в Иране

Ваша MahCard будет выдана и доставлена в ваш отель или хостел в Иране менее чем за 3 дня.
Мы доставляем во все крупные города Ирана 7 дней в неделю.

Лучший Обменный Курс

Мы предлагаем конкурентоспособный обменный курс, который близок к рыночному.
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Платите Как Местный Житель в Иране™

Mah Card принимается повсюду в Иране. Используйте карту MahCard в отелях, хостелах, ресторанах, продуктовых магазинах, развлекательных заведениях, банкоматах и т.д.

* Остаток на Вашей карте при выезде из Ирана мы возвращаем в валюте, в которой Вы изначально пополнили свою карту.

Как это работает ?

Способ 1;

Пополнение Вашей MahCard Наличными

  1. Зарегистрируйтесь и закажите MahCard через нашу онлайн-платформу.
  2. Мы встретим Вас в Вашем местном отеле, доставим карту, обменяем Вашу валюту и внесем ее на новую MahCard.
  3. В конце Вашего пребывания мы встретим Вас снова в Вашем отеле и предоставим наличные за остаток на Вашей карте в той же валюте, в которой Вы изначально пополнили свою карту.

Способ 2;

Пополнение MahCard Онлайн

  1. Зарегистрируйтесь и закажите MahCard с помощью нашей онлайн-платформы.
  2. Пополните свою MahCard с помощью кредитной / дебетовой карты.
  3. Мы встретим Вас в Вашем местном отеле, доставим карту с деньгами, которые Вы отправили онлайн.
  4. В конце Вашего пребывания мы переведем сумму, оставшуюся на вашей MahCard, на Ваш счет за границей, в той же валюте, в которой Вы изначально пополнили свою карту.

Сколько это стоит ?

Мы взимаем единовременную плату за обслуживание в размере 19 евро, и всё!

Сборов за использование вашей карты нет.

Плата в 19 евро включает в себя выпуск карты, доставку, комиссию за обмен валюты и круглосуточную поддержку клиентов..

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Как это работает ?

  1. Sign up and order your Mah Card using our online platform.
  2. We will meet you at your local hotel, deliver your card, exchange your currency and deposit it into your new Mah Card.
  3. At the end of your trip, we will meet you again at your hotel, and provide you with cash for the balance left on your card in the same currency you originally loaded up your card with.
  1. Sign up and order your Mah Card using our online platform.
  2. Top up your MahCard using your credit/debit card.
  3. We will meet you at your local hotel, deliver your card loaded with the money you sent online.
  4. At the end of your trip, we will transfer the amount left on your MahCard to your account overseas, in the same currency you originally loaded up your card with.

Сколько это стоит ?

Мы взимаем единовременную плату* за обслуживание в размере 19 евро, и всё!

Платы за использование вашей карты нет.


Узнайте больше о нашей структуре цен

*Плата в 19 евро включает в себя выпуск карты, доставку, комиссию за обмен валюты и круглосуточную поддержку клиентов.

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Отзывы наших клиентов

  • Lucila Runnacles
    I have been traveling in Iran for a few weeks and this card has been so helpful. It’s accepted everywhere in the country, even in small shops and it’s much easier than carry all the money. You can also print a statement from any cash point in Iran.
  • Gerald Englebretsen
    If you are coming to Iran MahCard is THE single best way to ease your journey through the country. Easy to set up before arrival, it puts you on an equal footing with locals and removes the hassle of cash.
  • Piera van Schalm
    It is very easy to use and accepted everywhere. Service from the team is great, too. An absolute must-have for your trip to Iran! Also, the MahCell was great to have. You are (nearly) always provided with good quality 4G internet. Wonderful to always be able to communicate with the home 😄
    Piera van Schalm
  • Monika Getsova
    I used Mah card on my 2 weeks trip around Iran. Excellent service. Was brought to my hotel at 8 am, as I asked. Everything took less than 5 min and then we enjoyed using it. In most attractions is easier with the card, we didn't have to wait on line as foreigners to buy tickets. Also was easy to withdraw money any time. ATMs are all around.
  • Sam Miles recommends MahCard
    I could not recommend Mah Card enough. The service is top notch in relation to initially getting the card and the explanation of use in the country. Having the card is a significant advantage in the country. No carrying large amounts of cash. No worrying about vendors breaking large bills. Able to skip queues at attractions by using automated ticket machines to purchase tickets. Able to use any ATM still for small amounts of cash - which I only ever needed for cab drivers. Everyone else excepted the card including vendors in markets, small convenience stores and so on. A must for anyone travelling in the country.
    Sam Miles
    United Kingdom
  • Philipp Kautner
    Guys listen! If you plan to travel to Iran and have a comfortable trip without stress and negotiations about the exchange course then make sure to get yourself a MahCard. I had an amazing time travelling through Iran and I bet there would have been at least a little bit of trouble when I didn't have my MahCard with me. So make sure to get one before you start your trip. If anyone has doubt in the company don't hesitate to reach out to me I'd be glad to answer your questions and convince you that it really is a great idea to get yourself one.
  • Great thing to do when travelling in Iran. Makes your life much easier as you don’t need to handle the stack of money and no need to exchange money all the time.
    Célia Lucas
  • Mah Card has made my trip to Iran so much easier. It was great not having to carry around all this money, and it works perfectly. At first, I was a bit worried about being able to pay by card in smaller places, but even the smallest teashops have a card machine. It turned out the Mah Card was especially helpful for paying smaller amounts since most shops don't have enough cash to give you change. Every time my Mah card was the perfect solution to this problem. Iranians are very surprised when a foreigner is able to pay by card, so it almost made me feel like a local! The people at Mah Card are very helpful and quick to answer your questions. I really enjoyed this personal touch.
    Bente Stefanie
  • For those traveling to Iran for the first time, I would strongly recommend getting a MahCard because of how confusing it is to handle Iranian cash. There are many 0's in their notes, and when the vendors tell you the price, it could be in rials or Durhams. On top of that, the notes are not particularly intuitive for foreigners to count, since the denomination of its value is not correspondent to the size of the printed note. It is highly probable that you will be overpaying / over-tipping the vendor if you are traveling without a local friend.
  • Spent 10 days in Iran and got my Mah Card on Day 1. Ali delivered the card to Mehrabad Airport and loaded a few hundred Euro onto it at a good rate, close enough to the market rate. I used the card 6 or 7 times a day after that, to pay for everything: meals, coffees, groceries, taxis (with Snapp = Iran's Uber), museum entrances, souvenirs - you name it. There is a 2M Rial daily withdrawal limit when taking money out of an ATM, but you are able to transfer money from your card to another card at any ATM which we did on one occasion when a vendor did not have a card reader in his shop. We did not need to load more cash onto the card while in Iran, but it was good to know that we would have been able to do so in case of an emergency. Highly recommended service, which made our lives so much easier while traveling around Iran. 5*
    Thomas Allen
    United Kingdom
  • We were tired of carrying around a wallet the size of Manhattan during our trip through Iran. Having millions and millions (and millions) in our bag. The Mah Card is the perfect solution to fix all these money ‘problems’ while traveling in Iran. Having a card to pay anywhere you like in Iran is fantastic. We found this option a tad late but loved it nevertheless. Service is excellent: quick response to questions via email, the card was arranged within 2 days and we got a great rate for our Euros.
    Iris van Etten
  • Mah Card was great for our trip through Iran. Accepted everywhere. A MahCard rep. even came to my hostel and exchanged all my leftover Rails back into Euros. Way less hassle than needing to haggle with people on the street.
    Jordan Rose
  • I loved the service. It made traveling much easier and safer as I didn’t have to carry cash around with me for the 3 weeks I spent in Iran. The customer service was excellent and they were happy to meet me at my guesthouse to exchange euro to rial and load it on my card. When I had rial left at the end of the trip they changed it back to dollars for me which was very convenient. Would definitely recommend it for anyone traveling in Iran.
    Alister Mew
  • I can very much recommend MahCard - it will solve all your problems and concerns about how to best pay in Iran without taking high amounts of EURs or USDs there in cash. Service was great and my contact Hossein very responsive via WhatsApp, the money can be transferred easily onto the card via PayPal or - if you prefer - also handed over in person in your first destination in the country (where they will collect your money e.g. in the hotel you're staying at). Should you have deposited too much, they will transfer it back via PayPal at the end of your trip. I was super happy to have the option to use a debit card in pretty much all locations you can possibly think of (including bazaars) - and a lot of locals were quite excited about it too :)
  • I highly recommend this card...super easy, very safe, great exchange rate. You can transfer money via PayPal and receive back also via PayPal or via cash when you are there. Worked everywhere we used it. The service was great with an extremely quick response.
  • We used Mah Card during our 2 weeks trip in Iran. We contacted them from Italy, they came to our first hotel in Tehran (but they can reach you also in other cities) and they charged the amount on the card. We were able to pay almost everywhere, even for small amounts of money (to buy a few apricots!). At the end of the trip, they came to our hotel to give us back the remaining cash with the same exchange. Just be aware that taxis don't accept it and that there is a daily limit for cash withdrawal. Definitely recommended. Enjoy your trip!
  • Very helpful and supportive service. Recommendable to all of those who have concerns about carrying cash - or keeping the budget - in Iran, especially if they travel for a long-term or they are eager to buy souvenirs. It is easy to keep the budget using this service, as you can simply withdraw your daily budget every day and see how much surplus you still have. the rate is fair and legitimate, so to say. you don't have to be bothered by the transaction fee.
  • Works perfectly! Used it everywhere, even in small traditional teahouses. And they dont charge any transactions :) mostly i just got to the ATM in the morning and that was my daily budget. Hard to find an ATM? No way! Haha. They are everywhere in Iran.

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